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The Woburn Wine Company

What we do

We source great wines made with passion by individual growers. Yes, great wines that taste fantastic and won’t break the bank. Are they any good? Well, each grower is putting their reputation on the line with every bottle – and most of them are the third or fourth generation...

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What our customers say

Individual Customers “The tasting was brilliant fun! I really felt I’d learned something about wine – as well as a bit of fascinating wine trivia” Emma  G,  Bedford “We could not recommend Woburn more highly. The list is always very interesting and wide ranging and very competitively priced, service...

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Wine tasting advice

Some people think that wine tasting is a dark art reserved to a select few who bamboozle the rest of us with increasingly obscure descriptions of wet dog, sweaty saddles and musty drawers. It’s NOT! Unless you’re doing an exam, there is no right or wrong answer. Tasting is a...

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Call George

Please contact George directly on 01525 288801 or leave us a message through the inquiry form...

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